EdFringe Synchronicity

Delighted to announce that Autumn’s Here has been selected to be filmed as part of the Fringe Performance Archive.

Autumn's Here


Sunny Sunday afternoon, Newhaven shore, Firth of Forth.

There’s been a fair bit of synchronicity going on since I arrived in Edinburgh.  Too busy in the weeks preceding the Fringe I’d left finding accommodation till the last minute.  I arrived a day earlier than the viewing arrangement for my flat, preferring to spend one night at a guest night which I suspected wasn’t too far from the flat’s location.  How convenient to discover that the flat was just 50 yards from the guest house on the same street.

Another example was last Saturday when a man who came to see my show introduced himself beforehand as Stu, asking if I was the Alison Chabloz who’d sent him some information about a fracking site in Canonbie near the Scottish Borders two years ago. Earlier the same day, Stu had taken his 2-year old granddaughter to see a show at New Waverley…

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