Thanks to EdFringe for keeping me off the streets

Autumn's Here

150812 fringe

As stated in one of the comments posted below the above pic :  “I’m far too old to be busking unplugged on the Royal Mile.” That was in 2010 when I came to the Fringe for the first time. Nowadays, I limit my Edinburgh busking to “indoors only” unless it’s positively sorchio. Today the temperature is 19°C and the heating is on.

Mind you, I could just as easily have been back on the streets again if EdFringe had taken seriously the whining of ‘a member of the public’ who wrote a letter of complaint about me, presumably in the hope of getting my music show Autumn’s Here banned because – also presumably – the person writing the letter doesn’t agree with my political views.

You see, I’m a controversial, loud-mouthed but articulate dissident. My opinions have made me unpopular with feminists as well as with the far right, ‘leftist’ Zionists…

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