” Taking part surely matters ” ?

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If and when universities ever offer social media studies courses, Brit tabloid zeleb Karen Danczuk would make a fascinating subject for a PhD thesis.

Ms Danczuk’s second opus published here on Tumblr selfiemadewoman​ concerns reaction to her maiden blog yesterday. In defence of an evident lack of grammatical understanding, a myriad of typos and incorrect turns of phrase, Ms Danczuk now claims to have suffered from dyslexia ( ‘’unofficially diagnosed’’ ) at school.

Ms Danczuk’s linguistic shortcomings seem to me to be largely the result of incoherence. For example :

As a kid I always struggled with reading and writing,

And in the next paragraph :

I loved writing stories

Which is it ? Struggle or joyride ?
Perhaps a journalist could find [Ms Danczuk’s former English teacher] Mr Bergin and ask for confirmation regards Ms Danczuk’s alleged dyslexia and talent for fiction? (On second thoughts, we already know about the latter…)

The point of Ms Danczuk’s latest blog is to seek pity and attention whilst painting those who disagreed with her warped reasoning on Lord Sewel and who pointed out her lack of eloquence as trolls and bullies.

Reading some of the stuff regarding a typo was baffling, when did we become a culture of attack, when did we slate others for getting off their own back and putting literature out there.  If one of my boys wrote a story and there were 20 typos I wouldn’t have ago, I would praise him for trying and encourage him more for his next story.  Does it matter if there is a typo, does it really cause so much offence?  Does it help anyone being nasty??

Ms Danczuk’s problem is not dyslexia.  No.  Ms Danczuk’s problem is that she’s a liar and a hypocrite. Her tweets and faves concerning me are belittling, smug and above all nasty.  And then has the audacity to come out with the above bullshit?

150729 KDwrites 150319 Toddy KD SNorth

Should we feel pity ?  Taking into consideration the fact that most of our ‘newspapers’ currently publish a story a day about #KarenDanzuk ( 60k Twitter followers – that’s 50k more than her MP husband Simon Danczuk ), I don’t think we need to.

Why does our press give a voice to such people ? The simple answer: because of a pair of tits. KD fans don’t want blogs – especially not badly-written blogs. As for detractors such as myself, I say keep ‘em comin’. As far as pure entertaiment value goes they’re comedy gold.

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