Zionists choose Holocaust Remembrance Day to smear my Grandfather

It’s been a full-on offensive on the part of my detractors.  Even Ambrosine Shitrit has ventured on to Facebook to share the anonymous, libellous blog which Andrea is doing her best to circulate on every social media platform going.  Shitrit has even been so bold as to post in her own name.  Oh dear.

150515 Shitrit FB 150515 Shitrit

Still not sure what the blog is trying to prove.  I left a comment beneath one post yesterday, but the last time I checked no one had replied.

Either Andrea or Ambro decided Nick Jode was a good bet on Holocaust Remembrance Day ? (How many of these remembrance days are there? Will there also be a Remembrance Day for the Dresden bombings where a huge proportion of civilians were wiped out during a single night of Allied bombardments?)

I haven’t tweeted about the Holocaust at all today.  What is this group of individuals trying to prove?  Why post such a blog on Holocaust Remembrance Day, of all days ?  Who do they want to upset more – me, or the survivors of alleged atrocities ?

Last week I was a rape apologist, and today I’ve been both a doxxer and a Holocaust Denier.  According to Andrea, I’m also a bully who threatens :

150415 Andrea Fleagle 1

Note the abusive Fleagle’s response : ” I’m armed and extremely dangerous…”

I’m sure police will be interested in that one.  Such nice pals has Andrea! And what a liar!  Jode, bullied ?  Wasn’t he the one who posted the link to the bullying anonymous blog about me ?

I’m ready to wager that Andrea and Co. would give anything for my Grandfather not to have been killed by the Nazis.  My Grandfather certainly didn’t die fighting so that the likes of Jode, Fleagle, Andrea and Ambro could harass decent people for having an opinion.  Where are those Je suis Charlie banners now ?

What a joke! What a scandal!  Nothing better to do than be as vile as possible, caking on the mud, a veritable mountain of lies.

In the anonymous blog, the author ends with a typically butthurt upload of soi-disant Twitter accounts that have been suspended, claiming that my present accounts are both “spewing bile”.

My biggest advantage over these paltry adversaries, it must be said, is that they cannot write well.  They humiliate themselves with their childish, inappropriate comments, showing no aptitude for rhetoric, wit or elegance.  Indeed, ‘spewing bile’ is the niche business of Ambro, Andrea & pals.  It seems they have little else in their sad lives.

I certainly hope that Nick Jode’s own grandchildren will show more respect for him than Jode and his friends have shown for mine…

If only Stanley hadn’t been a victim of Hilter… If only Alison couldn’t write..

But I can.  And Stanley was my Grandfather.

Peace and blessings to all.  Good night.


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