From Paris to Edinburgh: Je ne suis pas Charlie

Continuing on from my last post, it seems Andrea Silva Goncalves would be a likely candidate for author of the anonymous blog.  Goggzilla also raises another possibility in his comment :

Odd that Robert Ambridge, pal of the Chief Constable of Essex is in both “blogs”.

Why do I suspect Andrea ?  Well, for a start, she’s doing her best to deny it:

Click to enlarge

150412 Andrea it wasnea me

Toddy Rigg was the first to tweet the link via Twitter.  Who sent Toddy the link ?

Andrea lied for almost a year that she wasn’t involved in trying to get me sacked from my job, before suddenly uploading the proof that she was indeed involved – up to her neck. At the time, Andrea was exceedingly vulnerable because her Twitter account was temporarily suspended.  But it’s not as if Andrea has any acquaintance with the art of exactitude; why should anyone believe a word of what she says ? Andrea is a proven liar, in her own words :

150302 Andrea AIDA

What a mistake! What an error!  A whole mosaic of screenshots and more screenshots of emails, private messages, my full address, private email, etc.  And then cries of  ‘My stalker this, my stalker that..!’

And the Nunn stuff means what ?  Oh look, shock, it’s George Milnes who was already questioned by Huddersfield police; sordid tales of harassing women; PCs and laptops being confiscated ?

150411 Andrea 9outof10 Milnes 150411 Milnes Andrea anon blog

An anonymous blog ?

Why doesn’t Andrea – or whoever the author is – use their own name ?  Andrea is scared of being sued.  She needs a nice big lie to bolster her armoury of delusions, and she is not the only one…

Why on earth is Andrea suddenly plugging this weird, anonymous, feminist-ish blog ?  What has happened to Andrea and her Libertarian feminist-mocking Twitter friends and their Je suis Charlie! Obey! Ovey! placards?

Parading as a feminist ?  What ever next ?

Are Andrea’s long-time former associates finally beginning to see the light ?

150313 Vicky seen the light

Shall we remind ourselves of Andrea’s Glasgow tweet ?

150412 Andrea Glasgow

Andrea apologised, but not really as her tweet has still not been deleted.  It’s Andrea’s right to ‘free-speech’, you see, to make fun of the dead on the day they die, victims of a terrible accident, and smear an entire city as drunks.

Two more [former] drunks, a man and a woman from the North East were jailed and another man, father of one, Peter Nunn, from Bristol, for abusive tweets to feminist Caroline Criado-Perez and Labour MP Stella Creasy.

As stated and as I’m repeating here and now, I’ve always been perfectly clear with my thoughts and statements on this subject.  Twitter trials have taught us that Twitter trials should never have gone to court.

What’s more, those jailed in the UK for ‘Twitter crimes’, did not have their Twitter accounts suspended !

If Andrea didn’t write the anonymous blog – and believe me she is sly enough to do so whilst vehemently denying it – she is certainly shit-stirring by transmitting it perhaps to Toddy Rigg, who was the first to tweet it, and certainly to Milnes aka @commandopirate.

Another clue to the anonymous blog’s possible author is the information about me which spans from two-year old comments posted on The Guardian’s @commentisfree website to up-to-date information about my Twitter accounts.

Who, in all honesty, is that obsessed and is batshit-crazy enough to have a motive to want to try and smear me so desperately ?

Time to chill, but before I go here’s another thought to ponder :

I’m grateful to La Freestival for finding me a marvellous venue for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Already announced as ‘musical satire’, my show is coming together partly because of the wealth of workable material that has been coming my way for some time now.

Be prepared, ye pestilent sucklers of Mammon.  Remember, too, that comedian Mullone already mentioned my Mark Lewis Storify in his blog Let’s Not Gas Anyone Today.

Oh yes, I have been a very, very naughty woman :

150402 Twitter suspended

Of course, if the two men and one woman who were jailed for their abusive tweets had spoken those things on stage in a ten-minute slot at a Fringe show rather than in a tweet… Hey, they might not get well-reviewed, but they certainly wouldn’t go to jail.

“A rape/rape victim apologist..” Me ?  I think as a line it might fetch a laugh, if delivered correctly. Oh yes, and Mullone’s Twitter profile says he’s a Libertarian.

Which makes me chuckle.


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