The Anonymous Birthday Card

April 4 was my birthday. MLK was assassinated on April 4th, 1968, the same day I turned four years old. Birthday’s are important.

On my birthday – this birthday, not when I was four – I received an anonymous birthday card. It was in a white envelope, no stamp, postage had been paid online. My address was also printed, my name not spelled quite right and the card inside was unsigned.

How exciting! Maybe… But then again, receiving an anonymous birthday card – it’s bizarre! It’s not Valentine’s Day : my birthday is April 4th, not February 14th. Did someone forget to sign it ? Quoi, quoi? Was ist dass !

The caption on the front of the card said “Getting old is when you feel you’re being followed by something nasty, big and hairy..!” And then on the inside “..And when you look ’round you realise it’s your bum!!!” Three exclamation marks…

Happy Birthday to Me. I went to the pub.

It’s barely necessary to have a PhD in Forensic Social Media Studies #fsms to guess who sent the anonymous card. The sender would be the kind of bully who gets a perverted kick from being a twisted stalker.

Such a nice, Jewish lady. The froth on your daily Hasbara; forever fewming over wildly-elaborated versions of history which no longer have credibility in the eyes of experts and most astute observers.

An associate of Pamela Gellar, this nice Jewish lady supports the introduction of laws which would allow governments – yes, ours, and the French – to punish with a criminal conviction those who question or challenge the many discrepancies of 20th century conventional, orthodox history.

If you do this, you’re labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’. And David Cameron wants the UN to outlaw conspiracy theorists. Complôtiste! C’est un complôt! Cried the French Parti Socialiste in unisson when DSK was caught pants down in a New York hotel room with a maid.

And at the same time David Cameron and François Hollande want to remove conspiracy websites from the Internet?  Everyone waving their little “Je Suis Charlie” posters; world leaders marching down the Champs Elysées in Paris in the name of “free speech” ?

It’s ok, everything’s all right ! It’s 2015, we can safely say we don’t believe in God. We can insult the world’s Muslims by printing satirical cartoons against their religion – no problem! Yet we can’t talk about history which has been systematically faked, rewritten and taught to our children for the past 60 years?

Ask yourselves why people like Faurisson, Irving and Zündel are constantly attacked and, in my view, wrongly smeared as far right, white supremacist neo-nazis. Ask yourselves why Hasbara shills are becoming so desperate they’re obliged to create fake Twitter IDs and masquerade as barristers or IDF recruits. Or send anonymous birthday cards.

Mira Bar-Hillel tweeted that to be able to tell Jewish jokes, you have to be a Jew and over 60. She’s probably right : take Joan Rivers, for example. If I complain too loudly about the anonymous birthday card – sent to me by the nice Jewish lady AND on Passover – and make fun of her, for example in a song or in a blog, I’ll be smeared as a ‘anti-semitic, Jew-hating Nazi’ who is in fact harassing a nice Jewish lady from Finchley.

The not-so-nice nice Jewish lady already posted similar libel on one of her websites. Finally, the police did mumble something about malicious communications and so now she’s reduced to sending anonymous birthday cards. That say I’m old and fat. Coming from Shitrit – it’s a bit rich.

Click to enlarge – if you dare!

150404 Shitrit Avital

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