Follow me, follow! Down to the hollow!

*2nd update April 10

The merry-go-round of Twitter names continues.  After a sorely impoverished impersonation of the indefatigable Charles Frith (see update April 8 below) , it turns out our multi-named Hasbara troll has been through an entire glossary of identities : @chezkig1 to @jacobwgold to @chariesfrith and now @SpIottDave. Who will be next? David the imposter has protected his tweets, whilst we laugh at the sheer desperation…

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 150409 SplottDave fake Galloway 150409 charies-splott150409 splottdave

*Update April 8

James aka Michael has now changed his Twitter name from @jabobwgold to @charIesfrith (upper case ‘I’ is indistinguisable on Twitter from the letter ‘l’ for ‘letter’, or ‘Lima’).

Another pitiful example of how Hasbara is being forced on us via social media.

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150408 Frith Gold

Original blog:

It’s been a busy few weeks.  As promised in an earlier post, I’m no longer using Storify. Why? Because Storify Support is rather like that of Twitter i.e. unconvincing and partisan.

My stories were well-within Storify ToS. I simply published public tweets and my own commentary.

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150321 Storify ToS

Yet, seemingly, both Twitter and Storify Support fell for the laudably fictitious abuse reports submitted by Andrea da Silva Goncalves, no doubt citing alleged targeted harassment of herself and her young son along with police incident refs which Andrea tried to pass off as fake crime refs.

Andrea is so predictable.  Indeed, as we’ve seen already in this blog, Andrea hates being ignored. It’s why she stalks my Twitter timeline in search of potential bulling allies.  Two new possibilities arose today. Andrea seems incapable of letting bygones be bygones and getting on with her own life : it really is that sad…

The first instance concerns an interlocutor with the @ name Jacob W Gold.  Jacob’s profile pompously declares he’s a Barrister specialising in M&A, corporate finance and dispute resolution based in London-New York-Tel Aviv…

150402 Gold sock

Jacob’s responses left me unconvinced, so I did some investigation. It didn’t take long…

Jacob would in fact be Michael Cochell, Vice-President of a US-based private wealth management firm, run by Jacob :

150402 Cochell

Why would the Associate Vice President of such a firm usurp his boss’ identity to troll for Israel ?

Even before I’d finished Googling, Andrea was on the follow button:

150403 Gold Andrea follow

Poor Jacob-Michael – more likely a tea-boy from Finchley – has since changed his profile image and blocked me, but at least he’s gained one new follower !

150403 Gold blocked

The second example of Andrea’s continuing obsession concerns a nasty pro-Israel troll account who I totally ignored when it appeared on my timeline. Andrea didn’t ignore, though. Oh no!

150403 Andrea Israel troll follow

What to think ?

Since Andrea idiotically posted proof that she was involved in trying to get me sacked from my job last year and has since been clearly told that any more malicious communications should be immediately reported to police, she’s now obliged to stalk my timeline and pray that somebody – anybody – who tries to argue with me on Twitter will follow her back and then she can carefully instruct them on how to report my tweets and get my account suspended from Twitter – again ?

Poor, butthurt Libertarian who only likes free speech when it’s speech she agrees with…

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Xx

2 thoughts on “Follow me, follow! Down to the hollow!

  1. Charles Edward Frith (@charlesfrith) April 10, 2015 / 8:47 am

    Thanks for posting this. i didn’t know about till a few days after you. The account has now been deleted by Twitter so that’s 30000 tweets down the drain for someone. I will look into the instigator of this malicious representation of myself.

    • Alison Chabloz April 10, 2015 / 1:47 pm

      Charles, the account simply changed name again. Blog now updated…

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