Zionists choose Holocaust Remembrance Day to smear my Grandfather

It’s been a full-on offensive on the part of my detractors.  Even Ambrosine Shitrit has ventured on to Facebook to share the anonymous, libellous blog which Andrea is doing her best to circulate on every social media platform going.  Shitrit has even been so bold as to post in her own name.  Oh dear.

150515 Shitrit FB 150515 Shitrit

Still not sure what the blog is trying to prove.  I left a comment beneath one post yesterday, but the last time I checked no one had replied.

Either Andrea or Ambro decided Nick Jode was a good bet on Holocaust Remembrance Day ? (How many of these remembrance days are there? Will there also be a Remembrance Day for the Dresden bombings where a huge proportion of civilians were wiped out during a single night of Allied bombardments?)

I haven’t tweeted about the Holocaust at all today.  What is this group of individuals trying to prove?  Why post such a blog on Holocaust Remembrance Day, of all days ?  Who do they want to upset more – me, or the survivors of alleged atrocities ?

Last week I was a rape apologist, and today I’ve been both a doxxer and a Holocaust Denier.  According to Andrea, I’m also a bully who threatens :

150415 Andrea Fleagle 1

Note the abusive Fleagle’s response : ” I’m armed and extremely dangerous…”

I’m sure police will be interested in that one.  Such nice pals has Andrea! And what a liar!  Jode, bullied ?  Wasn’t he the one who posted the link to the bullying anonymous blog about me ?

I’m ready to wager that Andrea and Co. would give anything for my Grandfather not to have been killed by the Nazis.  My Grandfather certainly didn’t die fighting so that the likes of Jode, Fleagle, Andrea and Ambro could harass decent people for having an opinion.  Where are those Je suis Charlie banners now ?

What a joke! What a scandal!  Nothing better to do than be as vile as possible, caking on the mud, a veritable mountain of lies.

In the anonymous blog, the author ends with a typically butthurt upload of soi-disant Twitter accounts that have been suspended, claiming that my present accounts are both “spewing bile”.

My biggest advantage over these paltry adversaries, it must be said, is that they cannot write well.  They humiliate themselves with their childish, inappropriate comments, showing no aptitude for rhetoric, wit or elegance.  Indeed, ‘spewing bile’ is the niche business of Ambro, Andrea & pals.  It seems they have little else in their sad lives.

I certainly hope that Nick Jode’s own grandchildren will show more respect for him than Jode and his friends have shown for mine…

If only Stanley hadn’t been a victim of Hilter… If only Alison couldn’t write..

But I can.  And Stanley was my Grandfather.

Peace and blessings to all.  Good night.


A bad smell revisited

Update :

150415 Andrea butthurt

Above : Andrea Silva Goncalves’s butthurt tweet (click to enlarge)

1.  Much to Andrea’s chagrin Twitter is unlikely to take any action.  It’s not as if anyone’s forcing her to read other people’s Twitter timelines.  And what’s there to stop me from similarly reporting Andrea’s plentiful tweets about me ?

2. Frenetic posting of anonymous blog posts will do nothing to prevent me doing what police advised i.e. updating them with further evidence of harassment.  Very brave and noble, isn’t it, writing blog posts anonymously in order to smear, harass and intimidate ?

3. “Owned”? – A typically juvenile response, no?  Ouch! That butthurt is really smarting today…

Original blog :

Like a bad smell that won’t go away

Just a quick update : I am extraordinarily busy, rushing round like a mad woman trying to sort out my stuff before the next exciting instalment of my life begins.

Andrea da Silva Goncalves is still up to her old tricks :  a smear a day, apparently, does not keep the doctor away and Andrea is writhing in agony with ear ache, armed with a course of antibiotics.  Ah poor dear, get well soon!

It’s uncertain whether Andrea suffers more from ear ache, being mercilessly mocked or being ignored.

After last week’s smears of me being a “rape/rape victim apologist”, this week we’re back to claims of Holocaust denial.

Andrea’s “Je suis Charlie” banner-waving seems to have died down. Her passionate defence of free speech is brought to a grinding halt as soon as heretics like myself dare to question what we’ve been taught by a corrupt and evil Establishment for the past 60 years.

Let us remember how my Grandfather died, aged 23, victim of the Nazi Luftwaffe.

Shall we also remember the 30,000 children killed in a single night during the genocidal Allied air raids in Dresden ?

In Andrea’s warped world, children killed by the Allies don’t count, rather like the Palestinian children murdered in Gaza by Israeli soldiers – these deaths would be, according to Andrea, well deserved.

Andrea only remembers similar numbers of children killed by Nazis and then applies her warped logic to reverence of Zionists and the primacy of Jewish suffering – the suffering of all suffering ?

So, carry on smearing, Andrea. Whether Andrea’s motive is driven by simple idiocy or plain hate is difficult to judge : probably a combination of the two, coupled with the lasting negative effects of hard drug use ?

And it’s not just me. Andrea’s entire host nation has to bear the brunt of her grumpy unpleasantness :

150413 Andrea shit 1501113 Andrea British

If it’s that bad, Andrea, then why not do us all a favour and feck off back to Brazil where you came from?



Karen Danczuk’s trolls are pussy cats compared to mine

150413 Anon Card

Last week, I received an anonymous birthday card and now an anonymous blog dedicated entirely to me has also appeared.  Beat that, Karen Danczuk !

Rochdale zeleb Karen Danczuk, wife of Labour MP now candidate Simon Danczuk, has big dreams as well as a, er, planet-sized ego and an advantageous cleavage which Karen – not liking to go ignored – displays to the world with unashamed candour. Big dreams, big ego, big cleavage. Three attributes which together with a big brain could be a recipe for success.

Queen of the Twitter Selfie Karen’s latest media zeleb appearance was a radio interview with a local internet station; two young presenters with some pertinent, some less-pertinent questions.  Sadly, Karen came over as shallow and deluded (she ‘doesn’t take many selfies’ and is ‘a fun, happy person who’s always yeah happy yeah and uh never horrible to anyone, yeah.’)

Those of us who’ve been following Karen’s tweets for the past months were appalled but not surprised by her dishonesty and trivial manner.  Further comment would require another listening – and that would really be too painful.  However, there was no mention of why Karen sold her bizarre story of being raped as a child by ‘a family friend’ – who turned out to be her brother who was allegedly ten at the time – to the UK tabloid press; the story giving her an excuse and a reason for posting selfies all the time, or so she thought ?

Without a second listen, I managed to retain that Karen – or ‘KD’ as she signs her tweets – thinks she’s a good role model and that women should dress how they want; Cilla Black and a local radio talk show host whose name I didn’t catch are KD’s greatest influences; KD appeared to say she wouldn’t mind going back to work at Aldi (or Lidl?) if and when her media career fizzles out.

At this point in the interview, Karen sounded almost resigned, ready to accept ‘failure’ ?  But she finished off with a glowing description of herself, what a nice person she is, etc.

It’s a shame that Karen doesn’t display more honesty: people might respect her a bit more if she did. For example, KD favourited abuse of me in the below screenshot :

Click to enlarge

150228 KD fave

Islam isn’t a race. F*ck you’re dumb. Read a book

Those exact words directed at me were favourited by Karen Danczuk who at the time was still a local councillor and wife of an MP.  Karen did unfavourite, eventually – although this is not a unique example of Karen’s spiteful non-debating technique of no engagement, block, smear and fave abusive tweets. But hey, maybe her iPhone is faulty as well ?

Speaking of unfaving/deleting tweets, Toddy Rigg has deleted both his defamatory tweets with links to the anonymous blog.  Thanks for that, Toddy. A wise move.

In a short update to yesterday’s second blog From Paris to Edinburgh : I am not Charlie,  I think it’s now pretty obvious who’s writing the blog…

Pretending to be enjoying him/herself, our anon author updated last night :

150412 9outof10 pics

Pics or it never happened ?

150413 andrea pics

And let’s have this for good measure :

150413 9outof10

Toddy’s two tweets with the blog link, gone.  Andrea has left a comment with some link to YouTube – she dare not say more in her own name.  And oh the irony – if the blogger is indeed Andrea, the anti-feminist Libertarian who believes she’s the female equivalent of Robert Ambridge aka @holbornlolz, described by the Daily Mail as Britain’s Vilest Troll but in reality a cheap, right-wing propagandist with his head firmly shoved up The Establishment’s backside, as is Andrea’s.

Today, 2pm still stands.  Take it or leave it.


The Anonymous Birthday Card

From Paris to Edinburgh: Je ne suis pas Charlie

Continuing on from my last post, it seems Andrea Silva Goncalves would be a likely candidate for author of the anonymous blog.  Goggzilla also raises another possibility in his comment :

Odd that Robert Ambridge, pal of the Chief Constable of Essex is in both “blogs”.

Why do I suspect Andrea ?  Well, for a start, she’s doing her best to deny it:

Click to enlarge

150412 Andrea it wasnea me

Toddy Rigg was the first to tweet the link via Twitter.  Who sent Toddy the link ?

Andrea lied for almost a year that she wasn’t involved in trying to get me sacked from my job, before suddenly uploading the proof that she was indeed involved – up to her neck. At the time, Andrea was exceedingly vulnerable because her Twitter account was temporarily suspended.  But it’s not as if Andrea has any acquaintance with the art of exactitude; why should anyone believe a word of what she says ? Andrea is a proven liar, in her own words :

150302 Andrea AIDA

What a mistake! What an error!  A whole mosaic of screenshots and more screenshots of emails, private messages, my full address, private email, etc.  And then cries of  ‘My stalker this, my stalker that..!’

And the Nunn stuff means what ?  Oh look, shock, it’s George Milnes who was already questioned by Huddersfield police; sordid tales of harassing women; PCs and laptops being confiscated ?

150411 Andrea 9outof10 Milnes 150411 Milnes Andrea anon blog

An anonymous blog ?

Why doesn’t Andrea – or whoever the author is – use their own name ?  Andrea is scared of being sued.  She needs a nice big lie to bolster her armoury of delusions, and she is not the only one…

Why on earth is Andrea suddenly plugging this weird, anonymous, feminist-ish blog ?  What has happened to Andrea and her Libertarian feminist-mocking Twitter friends and their Je suis Charlie! Obey! Ovey! placards?

Parading as a feminist ?  What ever next ?

Are Andrea’s long-time former associates finally beginning to see the light ?

150313 Vicky seen the light

Shall we remind ourselves of Andrea’s Glasgow tweet ?

150412 Andrea Glasgow

Andrea apologised, but not really as her tweet has still not been deleted.  It’s Andrea’s right to ‘free-speech’, you see, to make fun of the dead on the day they die, victims of a terrible accident, and smear an entire city as drunks.

Two more [former] drunks, a man and a woman from the North East were jailed and another man, father of one, Peter Nunn, from Bristol, for abusive tweets to feminist Caroline Criado-Perez and Labour MP Stella Creasy.

As stated and as I’m repeating here and now, I’ve always been perfectly clear with my thoughts and statements on this subject.  Twitter trials have taught us that Twitter trials should never have gone to court.

What’s more, those jailed in the UK for ‘Twitter crimes’, did not have their Twitter accounts suspended !

If Andrea didn’t write the anonymous blog – and believe me she is sly enough to do so whilst vehemently denying it – she is certainly shit-stirring by transmitting it perhaps to Toddy Rigg, who was the first to tweet it, and certainly to Milnes aka @commandopirate.

Another clue to the anonymous blog’s possible author is the information about me which spans from two-year old comments posted on The Guardian’s @commentisfree website to up-to-date information about my Twitter accounts.

Who, in all honesty, is that obsessed and is batshit-crazy enough to have a motive to want to try and smear me so desperately ?

Time to chill, but before I go here’s another thought to ponder :

I’m grateful to La Freestival for finding me a marvellous venue for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Already announced as ‘musical satire’, my show is coming together partly because of the wealth of workable material that has been coming my way for some time now.

Be prepared, ye pestilent sucklers of Mammon.  Remember, too, that comedian Mullone already mentioned my Mark Lewis Storify in his blog Let’s Not Gas Anyone Today.

Oh yes, I have been a very, very naughty woman :

150402 Twitter suspended

Of course, if the two men and one woman who were jailed for their abusive tweets had spoken those things on stage in a ten-minute slot at a Fringe show rather than in a tweet… Hey, they might not get well-reviewed, but they certainly wouldn’t go to jail.

“A rape/rape victim apologist..” Me ?  I think as a line it might fetch a laugh, if delivered correctly. Oh yes, and Mullone’s Twitter profile says he’s a Libertarian.

Which makes me chuckle.


After the anon birthday card, the anon blog.

150120 Ali Notts

Relaxing in the Circle Bar of Nottingham Theatre Royal after my set supporting Martin Stephenson last January (click to enlarge).

With thighs and buttocks squeezed together tightly, barely managing to contain the excitement..

Feeling grateful about remembering to insert an incontinence pad into underwear which had seen better days..

The anonymous birthday card had backfired somewhat.  Troops needed to regroup.

Ta-dah! An anonymous blog about the Peter Nunn trial which I’ve already written about here and about which my opinion remains unchanged, making me unpopular with feminists as well as with the far right, leftist Zionists and assorted Islamophobes.

The new, anonymous blog is bizarre, digging up posts from two years ago on @commentisfree when Caroline Criado-Perez was campaigning for a woman’s face on the English tenner (£10 note).

I’ve always been perfectly clear about the whole saga. The blog is a cheap attempt to smear me:

What’s more, asides being tweeted and RTd by Andrea Silva and a few of her irrelevant cronies (maybe I’ll make an exception re Mickyluv7 whose tweet said I was his “favourite batshit singer-songwriter” – thanks, Micky, that’s sweet!), anyway, the anonymous blog was also tweeted by director of Rochdale residential child care home Meadows Care, Jonathan Rigg.

Pal of Rochdale MP, Simon Danczuk, Rigg sees fit to publicly libel me as a ‘stalker’ and a ‘weirdo’, whilst linking to a libellous, anonymous blog!

Earlier pieces from my blog already provide an idea of just who might be winding Rigg up to troll:

Surprise! Surprise!

The smear campaign widens

Piles of fun courtesy of Twitter Support

Rigg – who previously denied he was Meadows Care home director, claiming to be a biochemist from Salford which he later said was a joke – also happens to be an expert musician and music critic :

Click to enlarge


150319 Toddy Andrea 150318 Toddy 3

Oh woe is me! Clearly, with my three years studying classical music and teaching music at secondary school for 12 years, including seven years at what used to be one of Switzerland’s most exclusive boarding schools, teaching kids of the richest, most illustrious parents including Roger Moore’s grandaughter…

Clearly, Toddy Rigg the residential child care expert and part time rock-funk god knows best !  And what a coincidence, #TeamDanczuk anonymous troll Lazer_Light23 knows best too, even better than Martin Stephenson (of The Daintees) who I supported at Nottingham Theatre Royal in January :

150411 MGS

Also in Nottingham, we recorded eight of my tracks which Martin then mixed up in the Highlands and had the following to say about me :

An amazing talent is Alison, here is a wee taster
We recorded this for her yesterday afternoon in room 235 of the Crown Plaza Hotel, Nottingham
Her vocal and guitar were done first take only using one microphone, a Sure SM58 with a 50’s vintage shell! recorded through M’Audio USB interface straight into a Macbook Air using Logic Pro X, wonderful performance Alison! cheers, Mxx

But not according to Toddy Rigg and Lazer_Light23.  And as well as being a shit musician, I’m now also accused of stalking Toddy !  But who’s the one blocking and smearing ? Not me, I’m simply recording stuff.  Some here on WordPress, some elsewhere…

Now, Toddy reckons it’s cowardly to hide behind anonymity ? Hear! Hear!

150411 Toddy anon

So why then does Toddy post a defamatory anonymous blog and libel me as a stalker ?

Would parents be happy sending their child with learning disabilities to a residential child care unit run by a man who bullies and smears a woman online, in public, on Twitter ?

150411 Toddy weirdo 150411 Toddy paint

Toddy Rigg knows full well that libel is a mug’s game and that to play, deep pockets are in order. Or does he?

Toddy Rigg needs to be reminded that police urged me to keep updating them with further evidence of harassment and malicious communications.

Toddy Rigg should choose his Twitter followers more carefully and be more vigilant regards what actually constitutes libel in a tweet.

It would be nice to update police with news that after reading this blog Toddy Rigg wisely decided to delete both his defamatory tweets.  By 2pm tomorrow, April 13.

Love to all. Xx

The Anonymous Birthday Card

April 4 was my birthday. MLK was assassinated on April 4th, 1968, the same day I turned four years old. Birthday’s are important.

On my birthday – this birthday, not when I was four – I received an anonymous birthday card. It was in a white envelope, no stamp, postage had been paid online. My address was also printed, my name not spelled quite right and the card inside was unsigned.

How exciting! Maybe… But then again, receiving an anonymous birthday card – it’s bizarre! It’s not Valentine’s Day : my birthday is April 4th, not February 14th. Did someone forget to sign it ? Quoi, quoi? Was ist dass !

The caption on the front of the card said “Getting old is when you feel you’re being followed by something nasty, big and hairy..!” And then on the inside “..And when you look ’round you realise it’s your bum!!!” Three exclamation marks…

Happy Birthday to Me. I went to the pub.

It’s barely necessary to have a PhD in Forensic Social Media Studies #fsms to guess who sent the anonymous card. The sender would be the kind of bully who gets a perverted kick from being a twisted stalker.

Such a nice, Jewish lady. The froth on your daily Hasbara; forever fewming over wildly-elaborated versions of history which no longer have credibility in the eyes of experts and most astute observers.

An associate of Pamela Gellar, this nice Jewish lady supports the introduction of laws which would allow governments – yes, ours, and the French – to punish with a criminal conviction those who question or challenge the many discrepancies of 20th century conventional, orthodox history.

If you do this, you’re labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’. And David Cameron wants the UN to outlaw conspiracy theorists. Complôtiste! C’est un complôt! Cried the French Parti Socialiste in unisson when DSK was caught pants down in a New York hotel room with a maid.

And at the same time David Cameron and François Hollande want to remove conspiracy websites from the Internet?  Everyone waving their little “Je Suis Charlie” posters; world leaders marching down the Champs Elysées in Paris in the name of “free speech” ?

It’s ok, everything’s all right ! It’s 2015, we can safely say we don’t believe in God. We can insult the world’s Muslims by printing satirical cartoons against their religion – no problem! Yet we can’t talk about history which has been systematically faked, rewritten and taught to our children for the past 60 years?

Ask yourselves why people like Faurisson, Irving and Zündel are constantly attacked and, in my view, wrongly smeared as far right, white supremacist neo-nazis. Ask yourselves why Hasbara shills are becoming so desperate they’re obliged to create fake Twitter IDs and masquerade as barristers or IDF recruits. Or send anonymous birthday cards.

Mira Bar-Hillel tweeted that to be able to tell Jewish jokes, you have to be a Jew and over 60. She’s probably right : take Joan Rivers, for example. If I complain too loudly about the anonymous birthday card – sent to me by the nice Jewish lady AND on Passover – and make fun of her, for example in a song or in a blog, I’ll be smeared as a ‘anti-semitic, Jew-hating Nazi’ who is in fact harassing a nice Jewish lady from Finchley.

The not-so-nice nice Jewish lady already posted similar libel on one of her websites. Finally, the police did mumble something about malicious communications and so now she’s reduced to sending anonymous birthday cards. That say I’m old and fat. Coming from Shitrit – it’s a bit rich.

Click to enlarge – if you dare!

150404 Shitrit Avital

Follow me, follow! Down to the hollow!

*2nd update April 10

The merry-go-round of Twitter names continues.  After a sorely impoverished impersonation of the indefatigable Charles Frith (see update April 8 below) , it turns out our multi-named Hasbara troll has been through an entire glossary of identities : @chezkig1 to @jacobwgold to @chariesfrith and now @SpIottDave. Who will be next? David the imposter has protected his tweets, whilst we laugh at the sheer desperation…

Click to enlarge

 150409 SplottDave fake Galloway 150409 charies-splott150409 splottdave

*Update April 8

James aka Michael has now changed his Twitter name from @jabobwgold to @charIesfrith (upper case ‘I’ is indistinguisable on Twitter from the letter ‘l’ for ‘letter’, or ‘Lima’).

Another pitiful example of how Hasbara is being forced on us via social media.

Click to enlarge

150408 Frith Gold

Original blog:

It’s been a busy few weeks.  As promised in an earlier post, I’m no longer using Storify. Why? Because Storify Support is rather like that of Twitter i.e. unconvincing and partisan.

My stories were well-within Storify ToS. I simply published public tweets and my own commentary.

Click to enlarge

150321 Storify ToS

Yet, seemingly, both Twitter and Storify Support fell for the laudably fictitious abuse reports submitted by Andrea da Silva Goncalves, no doubt citing alleged targeted harassment of herself and her young son along with police incident refs which Andrea tried to pass off as fake crime refs.

Andrea is so predictable.  Indeed, as we’ve seen already in this blog, Andrea hates being ignored. It’s why she stalks my Twitter timeline in search of potential bulling allies.  Two new possibilities arose today. Andrea seems incapable of letting bygones be bygones and getting on with her own life : it really is that sad…

The first instance concerns an interlocutor with the @ name Jacob W Gold.  Jacob’s profile pompously declares he’s a Barrister specialising in M&A, corporate finance and dispute resolution based in London-New York-Tel Aviv…

150402 Gold sock

Jacob’s responses left me unconvinced, so I did some investigation. It didn’t take long…

Jacob would in fact be Michael Cochell, Vice-President of a US-based private wealth management firm, run by Jacob :

150402 Cochell

Why would the Associate Vice President of such a firm usurp his boss’ identity to troll for Israel ?

Even before I’d finished Googling, Andrea was on the follow button:

150403 Gold Andrea follow

Poor Jacob-Michael – more likely a tea-boy from Finchley – has since changed his profile image and blocked me, but at least he’s gained one new follower !

150403 Gold blocked

The second example of Andrea’s continuing obsession concerns a nasty pro-Israel troll account who I totally ignored when it appeared on my timeline. Andrea didn’t ignore, though. Oh no!

150403 Andrea Israel troll follow

What to think ?

Since Andrea idiotically posted proof that she was involved in trying to get me sacked from my job last year and has since been clearly told that any more malicious communications should be immediately reported to police, she’s now obliged to stalk my timeline and pray that somebody – anybody – who tries to argue with me on Twitter will follow her back and then she can carefully instruct them on how to report my tweets and get my account suspended from Twitter – again ?

Poor, butthurt Libertarian who only likes free speech when it’s speech she agrees with…

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Xx