Forever frothing over the fave button

This week, we’ve seen MP Simon Danczuk blame a faulty iPhone after it appeared he favourited a hard core porn image on Twitter. I’ve already detailed Simon’s penchant for faving bullying tweets in an earlier post.

Andrea da Silva Goncalves – another fan of porn – is equally prone to frothing over the fave button. The tweets below show favourites by two users but only one name : no prizes for guessing that the anonymous user is likely to be none other than Andrea’s locked sock account, @Hope_LovePeace1 … ?

Click to enlarge

150325 rubberball Andrea fave 150325 rubberball Andrea fave 2 150325 Andrea ballrubber fave TH

And here’s Andrea politely asking her pals to untag her own sock account “Hope” from their conversation. Running multiple accounts for dual purposes is against Twitter rules, as Andrea well knows:

150325 Andrea Hope untag

Since posting hundreds of screenshots on her Google+ troll account at the end of last month, Andrea has only just unlocked her Twitter account.  Despite the fact that certain of those screenshots, as we’ve seen, clearly indicate that Andrea is involved up to her neck in a plot to have me sacked from my post as Music Manager with AIDA Cruises last year, Andrea is proclaiming to the world that she, bien sûr, is the victim by way of her son allegedly being targeted.  Pure bullshit :

150323 Andrea Google+ Elliot

Post shared by Andrea’s five-year old who has his very own Google+ ?

And who follows his mother’s abusive troll account?

150325 Andrea WhatsWrong circles

Yet, on Twitter, Andrea is claiming that ‘nutters’ have been targeting her son and now has to blur his pics :

150325 Andrea nutters son blurred

Just another of Andrea’s fabrications, although she will no doubt soon be protesting that this blog post is somehow proof that her son is being targeted.  As for blurring photos, the five year old child has his own Google+ account full of non-blurred photos, shared with the entire world.  And the child is left alone to his own devices – in this case, a tablet – in his bedroom whilst his mother trolls and cheers on the IDF as yet more Palestinian children are murdered ?

Imagine using your child as bait for trolling purposes !  Boredom has a lot to answer for, in my opinion.  And what about the risks posed to the child himself ?  Paedo-beckoning ?

Oh, but nothing is ever Andrea’s fault, is it?

150325 Andrea stalkers

And today, just a few minutes after I’d posted an interesting blog on the possibility of US Air Force involvement with this week’s Germanwings airline disaster, Andrea posts these two tweets with the exact same link.  She just cannot resist :

150329 Andrea stalking

After seeing these tweets, I posted a couple of links from this blog.  Since then, radio silence ensued from our hate-ridden pal : no doubt submitting yet more butthurt reports to Twitter Support. Libertarian my arse: upset Andrea on Twitter and she will dedicate her life to having your account removed.  It’s happened to myself and to others, time and time again.

Andrea’s tweets today provide yet more proof of her all-encompassing obsession with me. I’m simply keeping a record of it all. And yes, I have a letter from my MP, and from Derbyshire police.  Andrea and her friends are most welcome to dispute these facts in public on Twitter. Exactitude will, in the end, have the upper hand.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Alison. Xx

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