Like a bad smell that won’t go away

As posted earlier today, we’ve seen how inveterate cyberstalker Andrea da Silva Goncalves trolls my Twitter timeline, lying in wait until some potential bullying ally comes her way…

This has been happening for months: it’s one of Andrea’s time-tested methods for doing away with Twitter users who bother her.

Here’s an example from last August : less successful than with Toddy Rigg, poor Andrea was blocked immediately.  Ah well, some you win, some you lose…

I’m sure there are now hundreds of users who’ve been inboxed with a plea and a link from Andrea : ‘Block and report Chabloz to Twitter Support’.  She’s even begged Karen Danczuk at least ten times to report me to police as well !

Why does she do it ?  Because Andrea desperately needs an alibi; an excuse to smear me in order to try and save her online reputation ( lol ) as well as the ever-looming threat of charges for libel, harassment and malicious communications.

Yes, I have it in writing – confirmed over the phone last night – by one of my local police sergeants.

You know, those shots posted on Google+ troll account WhatsWrongWithTheWorld…

Click to enlarge

150302 Andrea AIDA

To put it impolitely, Andrea is shitting herself and is desperately muck-spreading in the direction of any gullible taker she can find on my timeline.  ‘Sad and deluded’ does not cover it.

The Google+ troll account settings have been changed to private. Andrea is fully aware I have the screenshots but, apparently, Andrea is always the victim…

So Andrea, if you’re reading this, the sergeant urged me – also over the phone and in writing – to keep reporting any evidence.  It’s why I’ve started this blog.  Unlike you, I do have an actual Crime ref – not a fake one sent to Twitter and Storify Support in order to have stuff you don’t like taken down.

Another Twitter account suspended ?  And that’s what you call winning ?

No, Andrea.  Your trolling will end up having the opposite effect to the one desired i.e. ruining the Internet for everyone else.  If you can’t bring yourself to confess and apologise then seek help, and a good lawyer.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

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