Forever frothing over the fave button

This week, we’ve seen MP Simon Danczuk blame a faulty iPhone after it appeared he favourited a hard core porn image on Twitter. I’ve already detailed Simon’s penchant for faving bullying tweets in an earlier post.

Andrea da Silva Goncalves – another fan of porn – is equally prone to frothing over the fave button. The tweets below show favourites by two users but only one name : no prizes for guessing that the anonymous user is likely to be none other than Andrea’s locked sock account, @Hope_LovePeace1 … ?

Click to enlarge

150325 rubberball Andrea fave 150325 rubberball Andrea fave 2 150325 Andrea ballrubber fave TH

And here’s Andrea politely asking her pals to untag her own sock account “Hope” from their conversation. Running multiple accounts for dual purposes is against Twitter rules, as Andrea well knows:

150325 Andrea Hope untag

Since posting hundreds of screenshots on her Google+ troll account at the end of last month, Andrea has only just unlocked her Twitter account.  Despite the fact that certain of those screenshots, as we’ve seen, clearly indicate that Andrea is involved up to her neck in a plot to have me sacked from my post as Music Manager with AIDA Cruises last year, Andrea is proclaiming to the world that she, bien sûr, is the victim by way of her son allegedly being targeted.  Pure bullshit :

150323 Andrea Google+ Elliot

Post shared by Andrea’s five-year old who has his very own Google+ ?

And who follows his mother’s abusive troll account?

150325 Andrea WhatsWrong circles

Yet, on Twitter, Andrea is claiming that ‘nutters’ have been targeting her son and now has to blur his pics :

150325 Andrea nutters son blurred

Just another of Andrea’s fabrications, although she will no doubt soon be protesting that this blog post is somehow proof that her son is being targeted.  As for blurring photos, the five year old child has his own Google+ account full of non-blurred photos, shared with the entire world.  And the child is left alone to his own devices – in this case, a tablet – in his bedroom whilst his mother trolls and cheers on the IDF as yet more Palestinian children are murdered ?

Imagine using your child as bait for trolling purposes !  Boredom has a lot to answer for, in my opinion.  And what about the risks posed to the child himself ?  Paedo-beckoning ?

Oh, but nothing is ever Andrea’s fault, is it?

150325 Andrea stalkers

And today, just a few minutes after I’d posted an interesting blog on the possibility of US Air Force involvement with this week’s Germanwings airline disaster, Andrea posts these two tweets with the exact same link.  She just cannot resist :

150329 Andrea stalking

After seeing these tweets, I posted a couple of links from this blog.  Since then, radio silence ensued from our hate-ridden pal : no doubt submitting yet more butthurt reports to Twitter Support. Libertarian my arse: upset Andrea on Twitter and she will dedicate her life to having your account removed.  It’s happened to myself and to others, time and time again.

Andrea’s tweets today provide yet more proof of her all-encompassing obsession with me. I’m simply keeping a record of it all. And yes, I have a letter from my MP, and from Derbyshire police.  Andrea and her friends are most welcome to dispute these facts in public on Twitter. Exactitude will, in the end, have the upper hand.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Alison. Xx

Further exposure of trolling, sockpuppetry and misuse of social media

An upcoming post will deal with why I’m no longer using Storify. This one deals with the multiple social media accounts run by Andrea da Silva Goncalves. Who, I ask, needs three Google+ accounts ?

Google+ account #1 ( suitable for family and real life acquaintance viewing ).

Click to enlarge

150317 AndreaUrbanFox Google2
Google+ account #2 ( unsuitable for family viewing ) :

150317 AndreaUrbanFox Google1
The above account also used for trolling purposes; see top post in the screenshot below :

150317 AndreaUrbanFox Google2 Danczuk

Google+ account #3 ( also used for trolling purposes ) :

150317 WhatsWrongWithTheWorld

Now, on to Storify.  If you think having three Google+ accounts is a bit much, how about this :

Storify account #1 ( linked to Andrea’s main Twitter account. Storify is now suspended ) :

150317 AndreaUrbanFox Storify
Storify account #2, linked to another of Andrea’s Twitter accounts @LaFoxLives – now suspended.  Note that the link in the profile leads to Storify account #1 :

150317 lafoxlives

Storify account #3, linked to Twitter account @BelleHolborn aka @LibertyBelle1 aka @Hope_LovePeace1.  Andrea has more socks than M&S. Note the profile uses a photo of Jimmy Savile :

150317 BelleHolborn Storify

Finally, Storify account #4. With each Twitter name change, a new Storify account can be created :

150317 Hope_PL Storify

To finish off, let’s just confirm the above use of name-change and linkage with Twitter sockpuppetry. Here’s Hope_LovePeace1 :

150320 Hope LP1
Andrea thinks she’s clever. Alas, the contrary is true. Since opening and renaming the above account, yet another sock appeared which went from the name @IsUdaFoxx :

150318 Foxx
… to @Decapped :

150318 Itz AUF sock

Here’s more proof :

150318 Itz AUF sock 1
Both @IsUdaFoxx and @Decapped no longer exist on Twitter and there’s no trace of any Storify account linked to either. Has Andrea run out of phone numbers with which to unlock all of her socks?

Most likely, Andrea was also responsible for running the also now-defunct sockpuppet account @karengidders :

150319 Karengidders

I won’t add Andrea’s other varied presence on other platforms such as Facebook, AppNet, etc.  That’s quite enough for one day.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Alison. Xx

Read more, tweet less…

Having been involved in the business of exposing Twitter trolls for at least the past two years, it’s always surprising when self-proclaimed liberal types fail to do any kind of research before choosing to brand me as a troll, plant, sockpuppet, etc. If they did, they might think twice rather than making themselves look foolish.

Twitter follower lists are also a good indication of how those still intent on pursuing their smear campaign against me seem to have little regard for fact and truth, seemingly opting for unmeasured risk and the possibility of arrest and prosecution.

This morning, one so-called liberal type apparently decided to heed the Zionist brayings of certain folk and – without offering any reasonable reply to my perfectly polite and poignant questions – immediately branded me a sockpuppet and an antisemite before blocking me.

Liberal ? I don’t think so. I left a comment on the person’s blog with the appropriate links and reported their tweet to Twitter Support for defamation. As a secondary publisher, Twitter would also face liability if any proceedings were brought forth.

I also checked out the person’s followers on Twitter. No prizes for guessing who appears top of the list. Same old, same old. Some people really do need to tweet less and read more.

150321 Talbot Alex

Update 2pm : The offending tweet has been removed. May other similar non-liberal tweeps heed the above advice.

Piles of fun courtesy of Twitter Support

Playing into the hands of liars will do little to improve Twitter Support’s lack of credibility.

Even CEO Dick Costolo admits that Twitter sucks when it comes to dealing with trolls and abuse.

It’s all too easy to humiliate liars. When these liars react with butthurt abuse reports containing even more lies, truth will always have the last laugh.

One such liar is Andrea da Silva Goncalves. In the past 24 hours, I’ve received notification from Wordress about a DMCA take-down copyright notice. The email contains Andrea’s address, postcode and, bizarrely, the telephone number of varied London mini-cab firms . Andrea is upset because I posted screenshots which prove how obsessed Andrea still is; not to mention still set on having me banished from social media platforms and still über butthurt.


Indeed, my taxes have contributed to no less than two major surgical operations on the butt of the butthurt troll in the past six months. Hospital fees too expensive in Brazil are they, dear ? Isn’t the NHS wonderful ?

Maybe sitting in front of a screen all day long, trolling and filing piles of phoney abuse reports isn’t helping your condition ?
Andrea’s DMCA take-down request was refused. WordPress is staunchly against censorship, a fact which no doubt will provoke a lava-flow of faux-Libertarian tears.

As well as Andrea’s failed attempt to take down my earlier post proving her obessiveness, today I was also witness to the most surreal reaction ever from Twitter Support.

In order to set the scene, we need to go back to last December when I was first targeted by Jonathan Rigg, director of Meadow Care Homes who tried and failed to sue ex-leader of Rochdale Council for £600,000 and who is best pals with Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk and Simon’s selfie-loving wife, Karen Danczuk.


Take a look at the bullying from this embarrassing trio :

Click to enlarge


As we’ve already seen, Andrea followed Toddy after yet another recent, similar bout of bullying from Toddy.

Unwittingly, Toddy had admitted to me last month that he worked in residential childcare. When the bullying began again on my new Twitter account, I pulled out this screenshot :



150314 Toddy



Toddy then decided it was a good idea to lie, stating he’d only claimed to work in childcare as he was afraid of being sanctioned for using Twitter at work and that in reality, he was a biochemist from Salford.

Poor Toddy has since had to lock his account. Evidently, he’s also being coached by Andrea on how to report Andrea’s detractors to Twitter Support for ‘targeted harassment’…

At six o’clock I had to go out briefly. When I returned, I was met with this screen :

150317 Twitter locked


After following instruction number one, I was then invited to delete the three following tweets :

150317 Twitter delete 1

150317 Twitter delete 2

150317 Twitter delete 3


Apparently, tweeting tweets is now considered to be a violation of Twitter rules.
Oh how I laughed…

Have a lovely evening, everyone. Hope those piles don’t get too itchy.

Alison. Xx

Like a bad smell that won’t go away

As posted earlier today, we’ve seen how inveterate cyberstalker Andrea da Silva Goncalves trolls my Twitter timeline, lying in wait until some potential bullying ally comes her way…

This has been happening for months: it’s one of Andrea’s time-tested methods for doing away with Twitter users who bother her.

Here’s an example from last August : less successful than with Toddy Rigg, poor Andrea was blocked immediately.  Ah well, some you win, some you lose…

I’m sure there are now hundreds of users who’ve been inboxed with a plea and a link from Andrea : ‘Block and report Chabloz to Twitter Support’.  She’s even begged Karen Danczuk at least ten times to report me to police as well !

Why does she do it ?  Because Andrea desperately needs an alibi; an excuse to smear me in order to try and save her online reputation ( lol ) as well as the ever-looming threat of charges for libel, harassment and malicious communications.

Yes, I have it in writing – confirmed over the phone last night – by one of my local police sergeants.

You know, those shots posted on Google+ troll account WhatsWrongWithTheWorld…

Click to enlarge

150302 Andrea AIDA

To put it impolitely, Andrea is shitting herself and is desperately muck-spreading in the direction of any gullible taker she can find on my timeline.  ‘Sad and deluded’ does not cover it.

The Google+ troll account settings have been changed to private. Andrea is fully aware I have the screenshots but, apparently, Andrea is always the victim…

So Andrea, if you’re reading this, the sergeant urged me – also over the phone and in writing – to keep reporting any evidence.  It’s why I’ve started this blog.  Unlike you, I do have an actual Crime ref – not a fake one sent to Twitter and Storify Support in order to have stuff you don’t like taken down.

Another Twitter account suspended ?  And that’s what you call winning ?

No, Andrea.  Your trolling will end up having the opposite effect to the one desired i.e. ruining the Internet for everyone else.  If you can’t bring yourself to confess and apologise then seek help, and a good lawyer.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

The smear campaign widens

@Toddy Rigg aka Jonathan Rigg (see previous post) is director of Meadows Care Homes in Rochdale and a friend of Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk.  Danczuk has hit the headlines regarding his work campaigning against child sexual abuse.  Danczuk’s wife, Karen, has hit the headlines even harder with swathes of cleavage shots posted on Twitter.  For the wife of an MP who campaigns against child abuse, reactions to KD’s tit pics are hardly the best PR.

Challenging either of Danczuks or Rigg results in bullying, ableism and name-calling.

And guess who’s wetting herself with the thought of police arriving on my doorstep to question me about my tweets to these public figures and their friends…

No, it can’t be ! Not Andrea Silva Goncalves, cyberbully and troll extraordinare..?

Click to enlarge

150315 andrea kd police

Who would have thought it ?

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